Halfway to Christmas! Say What?

Nothing throws me into a panic like June 25th! I’m like Chicken Little running around in circles yelling the sky is falling. I have big plans for 2018: places to go, people to see, things to do.  I’ve been busy these past six months for sure but when I dusted off my written  (handwritten) 2018 […]

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Seize Summer

Ready? Set? Go!  Summer officially starts today.  92 days of Summer fun!  Let’s not waste them. It always feels easier to eat more healthy foods and exercise more during Summer because it just feels good, like you are playing, like you are on vacation, even when you are working every day. The sun is up […]

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Miss You Dad

I avoid social media on Father’s Day. My Dad’s been gone for over 20 years but it still and will always hurt. The blessing is as time passes you remember the good times and the not so good times fade more. My Dad was a complex, haunted man that grew up way too fast. He […]

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Fat Lady

That is so not PC to say, but it’s what my inner voice is calling me right now.  The scale has been inching up and up and I’ve hit an all-time personal high and not the good kind and not as in I’ve hit a new personal best. Embracing not wanting to be “Fat Lady” […]

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More than phone numbers

I’m currently the keeper of my extended family’s history of pictures and records.  I’m working to get them digitized and available to my very large, very far-flung family.  I know I need to get it done because there are relatives still living that could help identify some of the people in the older pictures. But […]

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