Wolves with Wi-Fi

timber-wolves-907680_1920 (1)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Wolves with Wi-Fi post which is about my teenage boys that could at times be mistaken for having grown up in the wild.  BUT we have just spent a week snow and iced in together and O – M – G, I could really just stop writing there.

As long as the internet is on and they can game, which used to drive me crazy but I have come to accept their friends virtually being together all day and heh it’s less hungry mouths to feed, they are happy wolves. And teenage boys eat a lot and all they want is comfort food when snowed in – mac n’ cheese, pizza… so at least they’re easy to please.

I was working from home because there really is no hope for Atlanta being able to handle snow and ice.  It helps that wolves are nocturnal, they sleep in until well into the afternoon and stay up until said internet is shut off just shy of midnight – we had a pretty good arrangement going. Did I mention that husband flew to Florida in the middle of this, yeah it was already planned but somehow he managed what many others could not figure out how to do – get down to the airport and on a plane that was actually on time.

As he sends me beach pictures, I just keep planning trips sans wolves and buying plane tickets and new swimsuits online – that’ll show him.  And my elder wolf who is off to college in a place that really does have winter now laughs along with the rest of the country at our inability to handle winter here in Atlanta.

So our deep freeze here in the South will end this weekend and we will get back to normal.  The wolves will go back to school Monday and moan about the heavy makeup workload but they will fondly remember long, lazy snow days – just as it should be.







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