Where did 18 years go?


It’s tough not to ask that question and wax nostalgic, mere weeks ahead of my oldest child’s graduation from high school.  You think of all the ‘firsts’ over the years and smile and laugh at all of the great memories.  Then with the rush toward graduation day, you try to stay in the moment to enjoy all of the ‘lasts.’

The last prom, the last time he’ll wear his dress uniform for JROTC, the last robotics banquet… the list goes on.  As he prepares for finals, as much as he ever prepares for finals, and finishes those last projects – you see him getting nostalgic and spending a little more time with his friends and even with his brothers.

He knows his next step, he knows what college he will attend, he knows when he will leave home to start that journey. We all know our little familial unit is about to change as our first is about to go far away from home.

So, where did 18 years go? Well, hopefully, they went into preparing him for this day.  I have confidence that it did. Now it’s up to him.

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