Wolves with Wi-Fi

I don’t mean to give wolves a bad name… but I think sometimes strangers think my three boys were raised by wolves.  Okay, so they might be modern-day wolves because they are certainly always connected, always online, but still wolf-raised. Why do I think this? Because in spite of more than a decade of trying […]

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Dating the Mob

When I was growing up the Italian mob families in Omaha were alive and well.  That was the reason you tried to stay out of South Omaha, your family had moved West if they could. Or least that’s what I thought at the time. I dated two children of mob families, yeah, I was a […]

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Holy Cow! Grief Hurts

Do you think our bodies can shut down to protect ourselves? The day my Mother died my period stopped mid-stream.  This did not surprise me too much because when my brother died, my cycles stopped for over six months. I chalked it up to such a severe shock to my system. In this case, after […]

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