Paleo Challenge – Week Two


Not as hungry as I was week one. I still fear being really hungry and stuck somewhere with no good options, so I carry snacks, just in case. I find I’m not really munching on veggies in between meals and that I’m not as hungry – not always finishing a meal.

Challenges week two were traveling out of town and an upset stomach.  It is much harder to eat out for sure – we tried to stick as close as we could to Paleo but sometimes you’re not sure what oil something is cooked in.  I think we did pretty good for being on the road.

My stomach is still upset though – it was upset on week one as well but on week two I’m not sure if it was due to the food we ate while traveling or an increase in nuts. I read that the nuts cause that for some people.  So, I’m going to try to minimize the nuts this week.

This week’s challenge will be being at a meeting at a hotel for three days and super, super busy at work.  Today’s mission – gotta prep, prep, prep.

So, week two, the jury is still out for me on Paleo.  My energy level is good but my stomach is upset a lot. My goal is to stay strong with the plan for week three!




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