Sympathy Pains Really Hurt!


Sometimes putting two and two together hits you like a ton of bricks.

My husband has been dealing with a medical issue since mid-October. Last month, he had a surgical procedure and I started having some pain too; it was severe enough that I went to a minute clinic over the weekend where I was diagnosed with an infection. I went through a round of antibiotics before the culture indicated that while the initial test showed infection, the subsequent culture indicated that there was none.

Despite this news, I was still not feeling well and went to the doctor again where they subsequently ordered that an ultrasound be done.  All was good and the pain dissipated so I did not think too much more about it.

Until today when  I was back at the hospital where my husband under went a second surgical procedure for the same issue.  While in the waiting room, my pain returned and continued to get worse during the wait.  It then occurred to me that my pain was in the exact same location of my husband’s issue!

This is crazy, I am in serious pain. At least he gets pain killers! Mine is apparently in my head.  I have full fledged sympathy pains and they hurt!

My husband and I are very close but this is the fist time I have ever experienced anything like this. I wonder if we will be that old couple that dies within minutes of each other – a very, very long time from now.

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