Sympathy Pains Really Hurt!

Sometimes putting two and two together hits you like a ton of bricks. My husband has been dealing with a medical issue since mid-October. Last month, he had a surgical procedure and I started having some pain too; it was severe enough that I went to a minute clinic over the weekend where I was […]

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I had a hall pass in 2016 but I’m rolling into 2017 highly motivated  I’ve always loved the transition from one year to the next. I like to reflect on the past year (what worked, didn’t work) and bring that forward into my thoughts and goals for the coming year. It’s not rocket science but […]

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Countdown to Christmas

It’s not about the presents, but they sure are nice. I love that surprised look when someone thinks, wow, this is just what I needed or didn’t know I wanted but I really did! Christmas is a lot of work – you want everything to be just so. But I’ve given up on that pursuit […]

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