Hidden Gem in Rural Pennslyvania

Fall is the perfect time to catch breathtaking foliage in Pennsylvania and all that leaf watching will make you hungry.  A must stop by is the Saffron Grill in Williamsport, PA for dinner. The Saffron Grill & Catering and Chef Maher, a native of Tunisa, will knock your socks off. You have to start with […]

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Seriously Best Burger in Omaha

My brother and I have been on a quest for the best non-chain burgers in Omaha.  I won’t mention the other joints we’ve visited so far but recently I was in town two weeks in a row and the first week we visited ‘the winner’ for breakfast and the next week went back for burgers. […]

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Training, Month Five

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat” says my fortune cookie fortune. I find that just over a month out from the half-marathon, I’m in better shape but not where I wanted to be. I have acquired quite a few new, cute, workout outfits though, so that’s a bonus. After continuing to battle issues with […]

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Never Forget

We all know where we were and what we were doing when our country hit the pause button. We repeat the stories, the memories… we still cry and say prayers. Fifteen years, twenty years, fifty years, we’ll still feel the same. We said we wouldn’t let them win, but I don’t feel any safer today […]

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