Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I travel pretty frequently and sometimes I hear the funniest stories about navigating the long lines at security.  This one was too funny not to share. Us frequent flyers have a fast pass that allows us to go through ‘special’ lanes where you don’t have to remove anything from your bags and you can leave shoes, […]

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Time Marches On

Do you remember being 18? I can’t believe that my oldest child has turned 18.  He’s an adult in so many ways but I have to wonder where the time went. This his senior year is already going too fast.  One of his younger brothers recently commented to me that his brother’s never home anymore […]

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Training, Month 4

I’m not prone to whims. But signing up for a half-marathon certainly falls into that category. So does deciding last weekend – 3 hours ahead of race time – to do a half- marathon might, most definitely, qualifies as a whim. The race was in the neighborhood, at night (dark so non one can really see […]

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