When there are no words, borrow them

A dear friend of mine lost her Mom this past weekend. She knows I understand and is relieved I think to know that I really do get it.

But how do I tell her it’s not going to get better?  The hurt doesn’t go away. You don’t stop missing your Mom. Yes, you’ll laugh again, love again, but your heart will forever have a crack. It’s too early for those conversations – those will come later. Right now she just needs hugs.

She’s blessed to be a powerful woman from a powerful family of women. She’ll get through this.  And we’ll all be right there by her side.

I came across this quote from Jennifer Hudson this evening and it seems to fit my mood and prayers for my friend.

“I’ve seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows and everything in between. But what my mother, my grandmother, and all the powerful women in my family instilled in us – our faith, and how to make it on our own – carries me through.  It’s like they are very much still here.”

So as my friend mourns the loss of her dear Mother and contemplates the birth of her first child without her by her side, my heart cries with her.


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