My worst parenting mistake

It’s a four letter word.  Xbox. Our kids grow up today gaming – starting with handheld games with big buttons and lights, progressing to hand held games, game cubes, Wiis and then,what was the turning point at our house, the Xbox. That was the one that hooked ‘um.  There are some pretty scary statistics out there […]

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Mom Still Has Me Smiling

I keep finding little written notes from Mom, thoughts jotted down really. I keep re-reading this one, keeping it in my wallet like a great Fortune cookie saying: Don’t cry because it’s over Smile because it was I thought, did Mom write that or is it a quote? Turns out it’s awfully close to a […]

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It’s On – Omaha Fashion Week

I know you don’t necessarily think Omaha and fashion in the same sentence, but it’s not really that much of a stretch, the Midwest has been exporting that wholesome, fresh look to fashion meccas for generations. I was invited to attend tonight to celebrate a young designer, Ciara Fortun, making her OFW debut. I just […]

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Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere Boxes

Wow! Packing up someone’s lifetime is certainly tough but also seems to be part of the healing process. Just like I wanted to make sure Mom was taken care of just the way she wanted to be, I want her things to be respectfully taken care of as well. I want to make sure certain things […]

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Thank You

I don’t usually stare at a blank screen, but this morning I’m at a loss for words. I slept well last night, the first time in literally weeks. I thought after three children I knew what sheer exhaustion felt like, I didn’t. And I feel guilty for sleeping in – I have so much to […]

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Can’t Make This Stuff Up

So my niece was craving a reuben sandwich. And being that we are currently in Omaha, the birth place of the reuben, we googled it and learned a lot, including the fact that my sister needs a hearing aide. And that the Crescent Moon is the place to go.  Out of one review, my niece […]

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Just Breathe

Sometimes easier said then done. I’ve thought about breathing a lot more lately as I’ve watched Mom become winded at the smallest exertion.

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