13.1… enough said

What was I thinking? 13.1 miles. Running… not driving. Seriously, what was I thinking. Some may remember in a land far far away I was a sprinter, well a hurdler to be exact.  I’m a high school track record holder… in a sprinting event, NOT distance!  But this just proves that I’ll do about anything to spend more […]

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Say ‘yes’

Let me know how I can help.  Whatever you need just let me know, I’m serious. I hear those words all the time and I know they mean it but I don’t always know what to have them do. When I go back to Omaha next week, I’m determined to say yes to more help.

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You as a Brand

You know how in not making a decision, you’ve actually made a decision. Well, you have a brand whether you want to think about it that way or not. No need to obsess about it but cultivating it a bit, especially in today’s digital world, would be time well spent.

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Don’t Cut the Phone Cord!

Shortly after moving out of my parent’s home, I sent my Mom a card with the Cathy cartoon character that showed Cathy and her Mom with the caption, “they may have cut the umbilical cord but they’ll never cut the phone cord.”  Twenty plus years later that card is still next to the phone in […]

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What’s in an old building?

  The first text hit my phone early in the evening, M’s Pub is on fire. No! It was worse than I could have imagined, the historical building and M’s Pub are both gone. So relieved that no one was seriously hurt. Thank you to all of the Omaha firefighters who worked around the clock […]

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