Magical Lights

  A car full of girls (grown women) driving through Fairacres to look at Christmas lights.  Ooh’ing and aaah’ing (and snapping pictures) and giggling like a bunch of kids.  How awesome is that?!  The only thing that would make the lights better is SNOW.  All of my Georgia boys are coming to Omaha for Christmas […]

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Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Uh, Santa, I’m not sure that’s an HOA approved…boat.  This one has definitely brought me cheer and chuckles this holiday season.  I so want to see it in the water.  The boys in that house have truly not grown up and god bless’um.  This is not for weekend hunters, this is serious stuff.  How many […]

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Dance It Out!

Dancing shouldn’t be just for weddings.  Somewhere in your late 30’s it seems most of us pretty much stop dancing.  Or at least in public – I dance a lot in my kitchen.   I know life happens and we are busy but as a great friend reminded me last night, sometimes you just gotta […]

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An Angel Named Sue

One of the challenges in dealing with any illness is navigating the “world’s best health system.”  Everyone’s a specialist it seems, you got your heart doctor, you have your cancer doctor… but it’s tough to figure out who’s looking at the big picture, who’s looking out for you.  Or as my Mom kept asking, I’m […]

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