To New Year’s Resolutions… Or Not

We’ve heard it before, successful people set goals. That’s true. And successful people often fail more than most, sometimes spectacularly.  But the difference is that after they’ve dusted themselves off, they emerge with a new goal. It doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as it’s meaningful to you.  Life’s too short, don’t sleepwalk through it! […]

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Waitin’ for snow

Nothing makes me feel like a kid from Omaha more than waiting for it to snow.  I thought I would wake up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow today but at the current rate it’s falling, it won’t amount to much. Thinking through the pros and cons of snow… SNOW PROS     You have no guilt when […]

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A visit from Santa

Several years ago, Mom and Dad had a friend stop by the house. This friend looked an awful lot like Santa Claus, all the way down to the red suit. The friend asked if there were any neighborhood kids he should visit. Mom took him around to the different houses but wanted to stop at one […]

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Precious Time

“They” say there are few real surprises left in life. How much time you have left is one of those unknowns, those surprises. When we are young we feel invincible and can’t imagine ever being as old as 30. Ha!  We all rush to grow up, until we get there, and then we wonder why we […]

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The Ripple Effect

Being here with Mom, I have the honor of seeing her through other people’s eyes. I’ve realized these past few weeks how many lives my Mom has and continues to touch. In her career life Mom was a nurse. All my nurse friends now know why they all have an extra special place in my heart, […]

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Why I Love Nebraska Sports

The Top 5 Reasons Why I love Nebraska sports: Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball can set a NCAA record for attendance of 17,551.  Including selling standing room only.  Who else does that? You can count on cheering for hometown favorites.  We grow ‘um tall in Nebraska, really tall. People don’t believe me when I tell them, I’m not […]

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Finally, the perfect soft boiled egg.  My cousin introduced me to them and I have been trying to perfect it for a bit now.  On my Mom’s stove, perfection is: large eggs (not extra large or jumbo), taken out of the fridge and set aside while the water boils.  Boil just enough water to half […]

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Hugs! Keep ‘um coming

I’ve always been known as a big hugger (I know a lot of you are laughing at that understatement).  When you all ask what can I do to help and I’ve replied prayers and hugs, lots of hugs, I wasn’t kidding.  And you sure have delivered on both.  Thank you and keep ‘um coming.  Mom […]

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It’s too much! No one needs a 6 foot, 200 pound bear for Christmas. Trust me, no little kid is going to find that cute.  I’ve seen lots of great ideas to simplify your giving. I really like the four gift rule:

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I love a good Christmas sweater.  I prefer the animal ones: cats, polar bears… you name it.  Check out the one above that I caught someone in on a date! And I certainly can appreciate a really gaudy one, think actual lights, sequins and feathers. This year, I’ve noticed these sweaters out and about at […]

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