Under the Spell of Voodoo Taco

IMG_4484 (1)

The name got me in the door but the Wicked Good Tacos will get me back. Starting with chips & queso – always a good idea – and these were generous and spicy.  Next trip I’ll try the chips & guac, wicked style (with bacon, blue cheese & sage).  The baja shrimp tacos were tasty but I missed that the shrimp was fried so next trip I’ll try the grilled shrimp tacos.  And the time after that the Barbaoca Beef tacos or… you get the picture.  Good, fast lunch atmosphere – nice but typical decor with the fun exception of the Alice in Wonderland purple chairs tucked in the back – try to snag those ones.  I went to the AKSARBEN location but I see several others in Omaha – don’t see any outside of NEBRASKA yet but I’ll enjoy it here and hope they grow!  Also, I still love that AKSARBEN is Nebraska spelled backwards and I like the new shopping complex but would still prefer that it be the horse track – good times.



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