Can’t Make This Stuff Up

What’s the strangest, most surprising, Christmas present you’ve ever received?  Mine was from one of my first bosses out of college.  We were in a big conference room and everyone on my team was opening their presents from her, a day at the spa etc… My gift, a shotgun with a promise to teach me […]

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Whether it’s the green bean casserole, Dad’s sausage stuffing or turducken, Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving without some of the traditional dishes from our childhood on the table.  I’ve never had turducken but it’s probably somebody’s tradition!  I have not spent Thanksgiving with my brother in a lot of years but got to today.  And […]

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Under the Spell of Voodoo Taco

The name got me in the door but the Wicked Good Tacos will get me back. Starting with chips & queso – always a good idea – and these were generous and spicy.  Next trip I’ll try the chips & guac, wicked style (with bacon, blue cheese & sage).  The baja shrimp tacos were tasty […]

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No, My Mother Never Smoked

Why do I feel the need to tell people that my Mother was never a smoker? So, silly, it doesn’t change the diagnosis.  But everybody asks and I do feel the need to protect her non-smoking reputation. Did you know that 20% of lung cancer hits non-smokers!  And the #1 cause is exposure to radon […]

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I HATE Cancer!

I hate cancer in all forms.  But right now I’m particularly mad at lung cancer. I’m not sure what the technical definition for an epidemic is but with lung cancer claiming more lives in the U.S. every year than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined – epidemic doesn’t feel like a stretch. My energetic, vibrant and beautiful 85-year […]

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