13.1? Check!

Half Marathon

Half-marathon? So glad it’s over.  I’ve read that the goal for your first half-marathon should be to just finish. So, yeah, did that.

A few lessons learned. Running is hard and this almost 50-year old body is not built for that at long distances.

Goals are good. Setting them and telling people about them really works to holding yourself to it.

And lastly, it’s okay to change strategies mid-stream. At first, I wanted to run the full 13.1. Then I modified to a run/walk but I was learning that every time I would up the running part a bit I would hurt my knee which would then impact my overall training for a couple of weeks (so frustrating). So, I finally had to resolve myself to a fast walk.

I had a ceiling time limit that I was under and I had a goal time that I missed by quite a bit.

Given the very cold and rainy race day though, I was just glad that I got out of bed and did it. I was scared but so happy at the finish line!

Not planning another half but i am working on the next goal.

Oh and destination races rock! So pick a location that you love or would love to visit and make it a trip!


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